We are designers, strategists
writers, tinkerers and dreamers.

Above all we are truth seekers who believe in the power of meaning. When driven by meaning, design transcends commodity and becomes a powerful tool for creating lasting relationships. Meaning turns a scattered workforce into a team on a mission. It’s what elevates an everyday product into an icon. Meaning empowers business leaders to overcome risk, transform organizations, create movements and put brands at the center of the cultural conversation. This is how we generate relevance. This is how we create new value. This is Actual.



Understanding your organization and the context in which it operates.

Your consumer identified.

Your organization aligned.

Your brand's foundation and expression defined.


Research, Insights, Trend
Organization Design
Brand Foundation
Brand Creation
Brand Identity & Design Language
Internal Socialization Strategy


Connecting your brand's equity to new value and new audiences.

Your innovation path.

Your next product, service, or digital experience.


Category Definition
Opportunity Spaces
North Star & Roadmap
Scenario Planning
Product Offering Strategy
Product Innovation & Design


Bringing it all to life for the consumer and claiming your position in the market.

Your communication platform, content and campaign strategy.


Communication Platform
Brand Launch
Content Development
Campaign Strategy & Planning
Environment & Experience Design
Product Design & Development

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